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Lake and fountain panel installation

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We were contracted to design and manufacture a control panel intended to control and monitor two circulation pumps as well as two inverter-controlled fountain pumps. The project was for an office complex in the Dockland area of London, where two control panels were required to circulate the water in the old dock and to control the height of the fountain. The total cost of the control system was £6,890.00.

How the fountain panel works

Each pump now has a Hand/Off/Auto section. When it’s in Auto Mode, the system is controlled by adjustable time clocks. The speed and height of the fountain is set manually on the panel door and is restricted between 30 and 50Hz, translating to 60–100%.

Project implementation

We designed and manufactured the required control panel to operate and monitor two inverter-controlled fountain pumps, both 7.5KW. This consists of a 3.5-inch combined Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The HMI allows the pumps to be monitored and for adjustments to be made where necessary. We made provisions to reuse the existing external level control within the pump chamber, allowing for an alarm to stop the pumps from running if the water levels become too low.

The benefits of the fountain panel

The system has the ability to have the circulation pumps operate on timers, allowing them to run after hours.

The fact that the height of the fountain can be controlled saves the company money if the fountain runs slower.

The energy-saving calculation below was designed to provide an estimate of the potential energy and financial savings when an inverter drive is used to control the speed of the fountain due to the output flow of the pump.

The estimated cost of running the pump for one hour, assuming a charge of £0.20 per kWh.

Two 7.5kw pumpsWithout an InverterWith an Inverter
30Hz@ 60%£3.00£1.80
35Hz@ 70%£3.00£2.10
40Hz@ 80%£3.00£2.40
45Hz@ 90%£3.00£2.70
50Hz@ 100%£3.00£3.00

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Fountain and Lake Project Funeven

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