Grain System

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Kings and Barnhams Automation specialise in the control and monitoring of Grain handling equipment.

This project is a new build grain store at Lexham in Norfolk and consists of four intake pits which are all variable speed controlled via Inverter drives. The product can be moved around the system via the Dryer and cleaner if required before being stored in a flat store using a remote controlled tripper and levelling conveyor system. The project consists of 15” Human Machine Interface (HMI) interfaced with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which allows the plant to be monitored and controlled by the operator. The HMI touchscreen allows the operator to easily adjust the intake pit speeds and select which one of the 9 routes is to be used. The HMI is also interfaced with a PC housed in the site office which enables the site supervisor to monitor and adjust settings as if standing in front of the control panel by a simple mouse click on the office PC.

The HMI / PC screen displays the overall layout of the system for ease of operation and with fault diagnosis aided by the use of the alarms page. The alarms are also connected to a modem in order to send a text message and e-mail to alert off site personnel of system shutdown 24 hours a day.

All Conveyors, Elevators, Augers, Diverter Valves, Driers, Fans and Dressers can be controlled automatically or manually via Man/Off/Auto selector switches on the HMI touch screen. Automatic running of the system is only allowed if the selected routes diverter valves feedback signals are positioned correctly then all plant will start automatically after a time delay in the correct sequence. If the plant was stopped or a fault was to occur the system will shut down all drives in sequence.

As an extra safeguard against build-up of product ‘bung up’ sensors are fed back into the system controller. Manual running of any independent piece of the plant is especially useful for maintenance purposes.The overall system is covered by an emergency stop arrangement complete with a fail-safe safety relay and system reset. The control system and software offers great flexibility as additional routes and sequences can be added or changed easily at a later date by our software engineers.

Our Automation team can even offer assistance from our office in Hingham as we can monitor and adjust the HMI and PLC software remotely in the event of any problems or breakdowns.

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