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We Supply And Install Fire Extinguishers In Norfolk

We provide security and fire protection for properties across East Anglia. As your local fire and security experts, we can offer you the very best and latest fire extinguishers in Norfolk.

Installing a fire extinguisher and keeping it well maintained is crucial to the safety of your property and those within it. Whether you need a small fire extinguisher for your kitchen or multiple fire extinguishers; for different parts of your business and that meet fire safety guidelines to properly protect staff and customers, we can help.

Fire Safety in Norfolk

Whatever your requirements and wherever you are in Norfolk, we’ll provide you with quality fire safety equipment; fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other essential fire safety accessories including stands, covers and cabinets

In fact, we can handle your fire safety needs from start to finish; we can design a custom fire alarm system including installation and maintenance, plus provide all your fire safety equipment.

At Kings and Barnhams, we take fire safety seriously and your safety and security is our top priority. You’ll find us on the BAFE fire safety registry too. Which means you can trust in us to handle all your fire extinguisher and fire accessory requirements.

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The 7 Main Fire Extinguisher Types

Each fire extinguisher type is tailored to suit the type of fire it is for. As such, it’s incredibly important that you choose the right type of fire extinguishers for your premises.

The seven main extinguisher types include: water, CO2, water mist, foam, powder and wet chemical.

  • Water Extinguishers – These are for Class A fires, such as combustibles like paper, wood, textiles or other solid combustible materials
  • Carbon Dioxide or CO2 Extinguishers – These are for Class B fires and used for electrical fires which is why they are often in offices alongside water extinguishers
  • Deionised Water Mist Extinguishers – These are for Class A, B and C fires and cover flammable gases and electrical equipment
  • AFFF Foam Extinguishers or ‘Aqueous Film-Forming Foam’ Extinguishers – These are for Class A and B fires including flammable liquids. The foam is ineffective on alcohol. And in some cases, this type of extinguisher can be safe on electrical equipment too
  • ABC Powder Extinguishers – The ‘ABC’ refers to the fact that this type of extinguisher is suitable for A, B and C class fires

If you’re not sure which type you need, our experts can help. With over 70 years in the fire and security industry, we can advise you on how best to keep safe. Get in touch with us today.

Fire Extinguisher Colours

All fire extinguishers must meet British fire standards (BS EN3). In addition, to ensure they are easily identifiable, all have an overall red colouring. However, each extinguisher has a specific colour code which adheres to the contents. This is so the right extinguisher for the right type of fire is used.

Here are the different colour codes for each types of fire extinguisher and what they indicate:

Fire Class Type of Fire / Fuel Fire Class & Icon Colour / Colours

Fires involving Solid Combustibles

Wood, paper, textiles, straw, coal etc.


Fires involving Flammable Liquids

Liquids or materials that liquify such as: petrol, oils, fats, alcohol, paraffin, paints, tar etc .


Fires involving Flammable Gases

Flammable gases such as hydrogen, methane, propane, acetylene, natural gases etc..


Fires involving Flammable Metals

Magnesium, aluminium, lithium, sodium, potassium and all of their subsequent alloys.

Due to the nature of combustible metal fires, these are specific industrial hazards which require special dry powder fire extinguishers.


Fires involving Combustible Cooking Material

Hot or deep oil, fat and grease.

Electrical Fires

Fires involving Electrical Appliances

All electrical appliances including computers, TVs, electrical heaters, sound systems and stereos, toasters, fuse boxes etc.

Remember, we can advise you on the right type of fire extinguisher or equipment for your needs. Simply get in touch with one of our fire experts and they’ll find the solution for you.

Reasons To Install The Right Fire Extinguishers In Norfolk

A fire extinguisher can prevent larger fires breaking out and installing one ensures your home or business premises is safer.

According to government figures in England, fire extinguishers were used by the public in roughly 7% of fires attended by fire and rescue services in 2020. That’s 4,828 fires, which could’ve spread or gotten worse.

Here are a few more reasons to consider Kings & Barnhams for your fire equipment needs:

  • Fire safety is a legal requirement for all business owners. For more information, take a look at the government’s full list of fire regulations for businesses 
  • Having fire equipment installed makes your neighbourhood, your business and any surrounding premises safer. Fire spreads quickly, so having an extinguisher to hand can stop a fire before it gets out of hand
  • Regularly maintained fire equipment and good fire safety provides additional peace of mind especially in factories, restaurant kitchens and warehouses with lots of flammable stock
  • A fire extinguisher and properly installed fire alarm system can reduce your home or business insurance premiums
  • Last, but certainly not least; fire extinguishers can save lives. Keep your family or your employees safe and protect your premises and valuables from fire damage

For more information on fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and other fire equipment or if you would like to hire our services to create and install a custom fire alarm system for your home or business, get in touch. Alternatively you can call us on 01328 863254.

Explore Our Other Services

While we install fire extinguisher systems in Norfolk, we also provide a wide range of specialised services, including: access control, 24-hour monitoring, fire alarm installation, and electrical services.


Access Control

We’ll design and fit your building with a bespoke security access solution for personnel control. From single to multi-entry, remote monitoring, admin and control, you can keep track of everything, giving you the peace of mind that your site is protected and monitored the way you want it to be.

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Fire Alarm Systems

We can design and implement an entire fire alarm system across a given site, including office spaces and industrial sites. We’ll protect your entire building or site.

24-Hour Monitoring

Whether a homeowner or business owner, many people rightly worry about what happens if they are away from their property frequently and the alarm goes off. This can easily be solved by having your alarm monitored 24/7. If the alarm is triggered we can have you or a nominated person contacted, or for extra peace of mind, we can have one of our engineers attend instead..

Electrical Services

Our expert team of electrical engineers deliver electrical services in Norfolk and across the UK. Whether it’s wiring, inspection, testing, or emergency call-outs – we’ll have a solution.

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