Full Network and Data Cabling for Homes and Businesses

As experts in network and data cabling in Norfolk, we’ll fully wire up your home or business with the cabling that’s right for you.

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We Supply and Install Data Cables Across Norfolk

Kings and Barnhams are the right choice for your data cabling needs in Norfolk.

Networking your premises means that baseband transmissions can flow to a receiver. Network and data cabling are necessary for Wi-Fi, CCTV, access control and much more.

Data cables can last for over 20 years, which means that installing them properly is vital. With new technological and hardware advances every year, we’ll future-proof your home or business as much as possible; to ensure that your network is as flexible as it can be.

A Reputation For Excellence

We’ve worked with countless homes and businesses to deliver fantastic data cabling that’s ready for the future.

Our accredited engineers are highly skilled at delivering full networks in an efficient and friendly manner – all at an affordable price.

In most cases, we’ll install data cables behind walls and above ceiling tiles. This is to ensure that your home or workplace is kept neat and tidy. And we’ll make sure there are absolutely no safety hazards, allowing you complete peace of mind.

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Data Cabling For Businesses

We have years of experience in installing network cables across a wide range of Norfolk businesses, from retail to leisure facilities. We’ll assess your site, including floorplans if you have them, then agree on a detailed plan with you.

Most businesses opt for twisted pair cables. But we can install fibre cables in buildings where standard ethernet cables – which have a maximum reach of 100m – won’t do the job.

From ethernet ports to analogue and digital phones, we’ll make sure you have the right data cabling to suit your business needs.

Reasons To Install Data Cabling In Norfolk

A proper data cabling network installed in your home or business will allow you the flexibility you need to stay connected, no matter what.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider our data cabling installation service:

  • Data cabling networks can last for decades, and a poorly designed one will cause you problems down the line. With Kings and Barnhams, you can trust that our service will be as professional and effective as possible.
  • We’ll assess your business needs and determine the right choice of network for you, from copper Ethernet cables to superfast full fibre.
  • Regardless of the size and complexity of your premises, we’ll deliver a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.
  • If anything goes wrong, we’ll be available whenever you need us, limiting network downtime as much as possible.

For more information on data cabling, or if you would like to hire our services to design and install a network for your home or business, why not get in touch?

Explore Our Other Services

While we design, install and maintain data cabling networks in Norfolk, we also provide a wide range of specialised services, including: intruder alarms, 24-hour monitoring, fire alarm systems, and CCTV.




We offer full consultation and design, CCTV installation and maintenance. We specialise in HD quality video recording and image storage. Plus, we can link to your broadband connection. This means our team can set up remote monitoring on your phone, PC or tablet. With single or multi-camera functions, your system will provide you with comprehensive security features designed for you.

24-Hour Monitoring

Whether a homeowner or business owner, many people rightly worry about what happens if they are away from their property frequently and the alarm goes off. However, this can easily be solved by having your alarm monitored 24/7. If the alarm is triggered we will contact you or a nominated person. Alternatively, we can have one of our engineers attend.

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Fire Alarm Systems

We can design and implement an entire fire alarm system across a given site. Which includes both office spaces and industrial sites. We’ll protect your entire home, building or site.

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Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarms ensure the deterrence of burglars and unwelcome visitors. Thieves looking for an easy target will be more likely to pass over a house with a visible security system. So let us keep your home safe and secure with an expertly fitted intruder alarm.

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Our friendly team is always on hand to answer your data cabling questions and can tackle any problems you might have.

With over 70 years of expertise, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

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