Cable Management for Norfolk Homes and Businesses

As experts in network and data cabling, we provide safe, organised and space-saving cable management in Norfolk and East Anglia..

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Safe & Organised Cable Management Across Norfolk

Kings and Barnhams are the right choice for your cable management needs in Norfolk.

For our accredited electricians and electrical engineers, cable management is an essential everyday task. 

Efficient cable management ensures electrical cables are safe, free from potential hazards and in some cases can even be organised or arranged in such a way as to be “invisible”. For instance, by routing cables around or behind obstacles, walls, ceilings and floors. 

Data and fixed electrical cables can last for over 20 years, so it’s crucial that their wiring, installation and cable management is carried out correctly. This is because cable management makes subsequent maintenance of electrical and network data cables easier.

Whether you require cable management for an electrical installation or need network data cabling for security such CCTV, access control or a computer network, we can help.

A Reputation For Excellence

We support countless homes and businesses to deliver cable management in Norfolk that’s safe, space-saving and ready for the future. 

Our accredited electrical engineers are highly skilled at delivering full electrical installations, wiring and networks in an efficient and friendly manner – all at an affordable price. Cable management is inbuilt into the heart of every installation we carry out.

In most cases, we’ll install cables behind walls or above ceiling tiles to keep your home or workplace neat and tidy. As well as making future maintenance easier. And we’ll keep your premises free from safety hazards, for total peace of mind.

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Cable Management For Businesses

We have years of experience installing and wiring cables across a wide range of Norfolk businesses, from factories to retail units. We’ll assess your site, including floorplans if you have them, then agree on a detailed plan with you.

Most businesses opt for cable management to keep their equipment safe and easy to maintain. We’ll provide efficient cable management solutions to make upgrades, changes or maintenance easier. 

From electrical installations to ethernet ports, we’ll make sure you have the right cabling to suit your business needs. We’ll secure your cables so that they are neatly organised and safe. And we’ll help you make the most of your limited space if your premises are small.

Reasons To Consider Cable Management In Norfolk

Properly installed and well-managed cabling in your home or business will allow you the flexibility you need to stay connected, no matter what. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Kings and Barnhams for cable management:

  • Cables can last for decades, but poor cable management will cause you problems later down the line. With over 70 years in electrical know-how, you can trust that our service will be as professional and effective as possible.
  • Regardless of the size and complexity of your premises, we’ll deliver a bespoke cable management solution tailored to your needs. We will keep cables hidden or “invisible” where possible.
  • A good cable management solution reduces unnecessary hazards caused by messy cables.
  • In terms of data cabling, while it’s mostly aesthetic, poor cable management can actually make computers run slightly hotter. And overheated cables can lead to electrical fires.
  • Electrical maintenance is required by UK law. Effective cable management will save you space and reduce the time any future electrical maintenance will take.
  • If anything goes wrong, we’ll be available. And we’ll limit electrical or network downtime as much as possible.

For more information on cable management, or if you would like to hire our electrical services for your home or business, why not get in touch?

Explore Our Other Services

While we undertake efficient cable management in Norfolk, we also provide a wide range of specialised services, including: data and network cabling, electrical testing and inspection, fire alarm installation, and a wide range of security services.



We offer full consultation and design, CCTV installation and maintenance. We specialise in HD quality video recording and image storage. Plus, we can link to your broadband connection. This means our team can set up remote monitoring on your phone, PC or tablet. With single or multi-camera functions, your system will provide you with comprehensive security features designed for you.

Emergency Lighting

Most businesses are legally obliged to have emergency lighting on their premises in the case of an emergency. We can assess your emergency lighting requirements and offer a tailored solution – all at an affordable price.

Electrical Services

From wiring to inspection and testing, our local electricians can offer a wide range of electrical services all across Norfolk. Whatever your electrical needs, large or small, we’ll design a bespoke service for you.

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Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarms ensure the deterrence of burglars and unwelcome visitors. Thieves looking for an easy target will be more likely to pass over a house with a visible security system. So let us keep your home safe and secure with an expertly fitted intruder alarm.

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